Eversince i was a child, i've always been fascinated with drawings and paintings. Its amazing what the masters like Michelangelo can do to an empty canvass with paints and a bunch of brushes. At a young age, i enjoyed having a paper, a pencil and coloring stuffs more than having a box full of toys. Growing up, i knew i would be an artist. I could tell because i easily get bored without an outlet for my passion for art. Then i found Architecture, "The Mother Art" as said by the legend Frank Lloyd Wright. It's a great thing designing a life-size masterpiece that would outlive the designer himself. So I took Architecture during my University life. I enjoyed my first few years but realized, with all the requirements that needs to be crammed in every design i make, i almost always ends up having a tiny space for creativity, or maybe its just me. One reason why i had to give it up is i hate being inside a small room for long periods of time. Yes, i love going out and exploring the beauty of the world, which actually got me lost in the midst of my hunger for art.  I was about to let go and move on with any career available to secure myself. I even tried to pursue back Architecture. All of a sudden, Photography came in and slap me to my senses. I was about to hit back but then I saw the fire in it's eyes. From then on i never looked back. I bought my first DSLR and taught myself how to take photos and tried my best to be good at it. I realized Photography has everything to feed my "art hungerness". Every photo i take is a reflection of who I am as a person and as an artist. I just love sharing people what i see in my "mind's eye". As i evolve as a photographer, nothing satisfies me more than creating TIMELESS images. Images that could outlive my own life...


- JM Lubag -

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